Taking a Data-Driven approach to Marketing

You may have heard a lot about companies getting a better handle on their customer data, especially since GDPR. Data driven marketing is a strategy that utlises the insights that you have gained from your prospective or current customers that can then help you with future strategies that will aid conversion or cross-selling.

All companies have data but the majority do nothing with it to actually build better customer relationships, or use modeling to attract similar prospects, that could drive their business forward.

The benefits of data-driven marketing include:

Why do I need to use Video in my marketing and how do I use it?

Why? The simple and fast answer to this is as obvious as the nose on your face - Video content, such as that found on YouTube is now business critical as Video is how a LOT of your customers now find out information about products and services such as yours. It is by far the easiest and most prefered format to absorb on

GDPR and how it affects your marketing


The EU were concerned that companies were exploiting the data that they had on consumers. The new GDPR regulation aims to protect the online privacy of individuals with better transparency, the right to have data removed, and better security on the holding of that data.

When does GDPR compliancy become mandatory?

Friday 25th May, 2018

How does it impact marketing?

There are 3 areas where marketers muct show compliance and good practice: