How can I find more time for my business?

The main reason that I believe my service stands out from others is that I base my whole consultancy on the basis that time is actually the most important factor in trying to run a small to medium sized business effectively. You can have all the money in the world and spend it un-wisely but 'time' you can never really get back or increase so it is best to make sure that you are highly efficient with the time that you do have.

If I said the first thing that you need to do is to make time in your daily and weekly schedule then you would laugh and close the page but the truth is that nobody spends their time 100% efficiently and if you got to 80% it might make a huge difference to your bottom line.

What you are trying to aim for is that you need to think to yourself "is what I am doing now helping me drive the business forward?" If your business is going forward then your business is growing and you are making money.

A bit of a pain but ultimately worth it. Starting from your next working day, or a Monday, write down everything daily (and I do mean everything) that you do FOR ONE WHOLE WEEK between leaving for work and returning home but also include any evening or weekend work that you do.
Your first day might look something like this - that a client filled out for me a fair while back:

Typical Business Day
Typical Business Day

The actual working time is only 4 hours and email checking itself takes up one whole hour!
If you recognise this, being honest, then you really need to start making some changes now.

Taking that day's screenshot as an example, the client improved his day-to-day efficiency by doing the following:
How can I find more time for my business? Got everything he needed ready for the next morning and saving 30 minutes allowing him to get up at 7.00AM.
Make time for your business Checked all his emails by now accessing them on his phone, ON THE TRAIN, and replying where necessary.
Time saving tips for your business By stopping his distractions on web surfing he saved a further hour.
Making the most of your company and time Rechecked and replied to all his emails on the train home.

The result: He got up half an hour later, he has half an hour more with his family each evening, he STILL KEPT his breaks totalling one hour but his actual quality work time went up by two whole hours - that is more than one EXTRA day per week in real terms!

Do you know what else you can also do to make time for yourself?
Plan your week in advance to meet your monthly and annual goals and check that you are sticking to it on a daily basis. Each morning have a clear idea of what it is you will be doing on that day to help you drive the business forward and STICK to it.

There is only really one other way to make more time and that is to either delegate some of your work to others in your company such as social media posting, blog posting, accounts and invoicing or hire somebody else to do this. That extra time you now have will allow you to plan, focus and execute strategies that lift your business to the next level.

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