Why is everyone talking about improving the Customer Experience?

So what is all this talk about how important 'Customer Experience' is? It seems like every few weeks a new marketing catchphrase is flung around as the next big thing that YOU MUST DO. Let's have a look at it in a bit more detail and try to work out how much time should be spend on it.

Customer Experience, also known as CEX or CX, is the overall and ongoing engagement or relationship between a company and a customer. In basic terrms this covers the HOW, WHEN and WHERE of the whole customer journey.
One could define a Good Customer Experience as a consumer's expectations being met, or even exceeded, along the whole relationship.

Improving the Customer Experience?
Improving the Customer Experience?

What marketing agencies are really trying to get across is the importance of putting the customer utterly first and your campaigns and marketing goals should be purely customer driven. It is no longer adequate just to build a product or service, sell it and then just leave it there. You now need to fully engage with a customer, you need to know what makes that customer tick, how to reach out to them emotionally at the right time and place to maximise the bond. After all, you wish this customer to become loyal to your brand. Give them no reason to look anywhere else.

You may hear people talking about TOUCHPOINTS, These are all the times and places that your company can interact with a consumer whilst they look to buy your product/service and all the times after that.

You need to ensure that your service for the customer continues in the same high fashion as when they first became a customer. This is not just about wishing to retain them as a customer and possibly upsell or cross-sell to them but also because testimonials, reviews and feedback in this new digital age are incredibly important and a company can be demonstrably favoured or damaged by these.

How do you measure the level of Customer Experience?
The best ways are good old-fashioned feedback. Ask your customers at all points of their relationship how they think you are doing and what can you do better. You can have forms within your website, use common automated survey tools or just ask them by phone, in person, or via email.

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