Privacy Policy

I absolutely respect the privacy of others. Any data that you leave with me to facilitate our relationship will only ever be held by me and never shown or given to third parties.
The information contained within this privacy notice details how data is taken and used whether via the website or through subsequant contact.

Please read this policy carefully and contact me with any questions or concerns about my privacy practices.

Who am I?
I am Adrian Elford, a Marketing Consultant with 17 years of experience. I can be contacted on 0208 123 9000 or ade @

What information do I collect?
Through the initial enquiry form I will ask for your name and email address which is used to send you further information. Subsequently, you may submit other data about your business and requirements. It is possible, throughout our working relationship, that I may add to this data with other information that you suplpy me in order to help you reach your marketing goals.

All data that I take is either to allow me to contact you, to help me attain your business goals, or both.

By using my services and filling in any details on my website, landing pages or subsequent online forms you consent to me holding this information. Without this information I would be able to help you with your enquiry or subsequent work requirements.

You can ask to know what data I hold on you at any time. You can ask for this data to be amended or deleted at any time.

How long do I keep your personal data for?
For the lesser of whilst we have communication in a relationship, 6 months, or as soon as you request deletion or unsubscription.

Data is deleted simply by selecting and removing the person from the CRM. This removes all trace instantly.

Use of cookies and other technologies
Cookies, tracking and similar technologies are used to store and manage user preferences on your website, advertise, enable content or otherwise analyse user and usage data.